Limited Series

Fractaled Reality

Fractaled Reality is an artistic expression that is based on the theory of fractional reality. It is based on the idea that reality is not the only dimension, and that there are infinite other parallel dimensions. Fractaled Art is a way of representing the beauty of our world, and the fact that life is merely a coincidence in chaos.

Limited Series

Bubble Burst

Bubble Burst presents a vision of the future, a kind of post-apocalyptic, technological mix and match. The Bubble Burst-series is a project of the future without boundaries, where the physical space meets the virtual space and the tangible meets the intangible. A world in which we will be able to change the laws of physics with our thoughts, and where we may become a hybrid between human and machine.

My work is a reflection on the human desire to create and the need for new horizons.

Fascinated by the wonder of human existence and the mind's ability to create a world. I explore the illusion of physical reality. I focus on a balance between the seemingly opposing forces of nature and man-made products. It's an exploration of the individual’s relation to technology, nature, and the digital and physical world.