Digital Identities

2017 - Present

Head of Product
Design Lead

Making cybersecurity sexy. 

My role: Designing, directing, and overseeing several products & projects including the organization’s SaaS product from concept through launch across departments including design, product development, business development, and marketing.

When working for organizations - especially startups - agility and speed are driving factors for success. But especially in B2B or B2B2C environments too much agility often results in feature creep or building for individual needs rather than scalable needs.

Solving this challenge became one of the core aspects of my work while leading the design efforts, establishing agile practices, optimizing the overall business strategy, and creating a solid digital marketing funnel & practice. Phiew. What an exciting 3.5 years.


Key Results: Design Re-brand of the company including the development of a holistic design system across all applications. UX/UI + Product Design of more than 9 services from web, to mobile and PC/Mac applications.



Key Results: Established and managed agile development practices including road mapping, sprint planning and reviews. Launched several new web and mobile apps including the company's SaaS and developer portal.

Business Development

Key Results: Bridging the company's vision to the reality of the pandemic with a new focus on product and resilience through employing and facilitating various strategizing frameworks and workshops.


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