Making Sense

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2020 - present

Design & Product

My role: Design & Product Strategy from concept to launch and beyond.

Why this project?

It's fascinating how inefficient we are in meetings with more than 5 participants. But most of the issues we want to solve require more people than that. There are many methodologies out there to help us achieve that, but little digital tool support to make it happen easily.

About the Project aims to solve the challenge by bringing proven methodologies and experts together into a platform that enables an unlimited amount of people to collaborate effectively and humanely and with ease. What this looks like? Come over and check it out at

the Product

The technologically fairly unexplored territory of sensemaking required us to go to the border of the novel in product development. The result: community-centric HXC and agile driven development to deliver the right value to the right people quickly. Exciting. And a lot of fun, too.

Community-Centric Development & Research Driven

Satisfy the Highest Expectation Customer, First

Strategic + Agile Development using Shape-Up



weeve should become a place where people can playfully explore any subject. This is reflected in the design I created. A sense of wide-open space with a playful and rich color scheme and abstract components representing perspective, lenses, and narratives - they key drivers for conversations and discussions.


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